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Mackellar Get Healthy programs include:

Our team is here to help you improve your health and wellbeing. Maybe you want to lose some weight, limit medications, find new ways to manage your long-term health issues, or simply stay healthy.


Are you happy with your weight?

Enhance your wellbeing and achieve your weight loss goals through our 12-week healthy lifestyle program. Learn more about nutrition, physical activities and strategies to support long lasting changes in your life.

(Supported by the Hunter New England Primary Health Network – HNEPHN)


Under medical guidance, our patients are benefiting from the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial  (DiRECT) that provides the best evidence from a real-life trial in General Practice of a non-surgical approach to weight loss. Thanks to ground-breaking research from Newcastle University, UK adults with Type 2 Diabetes are now curing themselves. We now have proof that intensive weight management is achievable and can prevent complications of diabetes.


Many older adults have problems with communication and speech. Our voice gets weaker as we age making it difficult for other people to understand what we are saying. Early dementia, Parkinson’s disease or a stroke may also contribute. Be it minor or severe challenge you are facing, focused speech therapy can build your confidence and ability to communicate. Learn more about the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) and what loved ones can do to help.